Coaching - Client Stories


A writer wanted to get her work in front of book editors but didn't know how to make it happen. Underneath, she was frightened and unsure her work really mattered to anyone. We created a step-by-step process, and as she tentatively embarked on the plan, she felt her confidence increase. In regular check-ins, she monitored the progress she was making, and kept confronting her lack of confidence with the reality that she actually was doing something. When her work finally found a home, and she reached her goal, she found herself energized to begin her next manuscript.


A newly elected executive in a church judicatory used coaching as a place to "get on the balcony" and see the landscape of his work, rather than stay on the ground buried in details. The coaching conversation was a time to step back, get perspective, and make decisions about how to move the organization in a different direction. We talked strategy, tactical moves, motivational triggers, and change theory. He says that the coaching refreshes his spirit and renews his vision while helping him take pragmatic action.


An owner of a mid-sized business felt overwhelmed by expectations and conflict. One of the established members of the team had to go. My client was fearful about rocking the boat and being "the bad guy."

Yet she acknowledged that if she did not step up to make this decision, her team and the business would suffer and lose momentum. After some serious soul searching, and a few practiced role-plays, she made her move, let the manager go, and re-energized the business for future endeavors.

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Coaching Services by Laurie J. Ferguson, PhD.

"My experience working with Laurie as my leadership coach has been really wonderful. Her style is direct yet gracious and challenging yet affirming. She has a way of cutting right through things and helping me see myself, my work, and my faith more clearly. And her sense of humor is an added bonus! A coaching relationship with Laurie Ferguson is truly a gift."
Director, non-profit agency, LA

"Laurie's brand of coaching was uniquely beneficial to me. Her insights into my story made me feel heard as I had not been before and helped me to access resources and strengths within myself to approach my work with a new self-confidence. I would strongly recommend Laurie's coaching services to ministry colleagues and others seeking to clarify their professional direction and goals."
- Episcopal priest, New York City